Ruth Barzel Jewelry Design is a line of jewelry made by hand in Arlington, Virginia. Ruth designs and creates all the jewelry in her little home studio using semiprecious stones, pearls, fine wire, and a variety of sterling silver and gold-filled chains.


Ruth grew up in Seattle, Washington, in an artistic family. She always assumed she would do something creative with her life, but she wasn’t sure exactly what. She tried various things, but nothing felt quite right, and she always ended up abandoning them. Eventually she started to think she’d never find something that worked for her.

Then, in the early 1990s, she became interested in designing jewelry. Between her artistic background and her love of fashion—especially accessories—it was a good fit. She started taking metalsmithing classes and spending all her free time honing her skills and perfecting her style. A few years later she launched the Ruth Barzel Jewelry line, which consists of simple, delicate, and versatile pieces.

Ruth loves what she does, and even though it took a while, she feels like she finally found the perfect creative outlet. She hopes that her jewelry will add a bit of beauty to the lives of all who wear it.